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A Selection of Comments from Course Participants.

I had never imagined that this weekend would prove to be so rich, so profound and so inspiring. Fred and Therese's simplicity, generosity and guidance is totally humble and sincere and can only make you feel like becoming a healer yourself. Above all the 'SANCTUARY OF LIGHT' was the most impressive experience I ever had in spirituality - I could never consider not doing a stage 2 after this Introduction to healing. I am thirsty to learn more and more now. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
 C. C.

"The whole weekend was an absolute delight as I have never been on anything like this before. I enjoyed the talks, demonstrations and exercises. It was lovely to be with like minded people and not feel as though I am on the wrong planet! - So I would love to join in with any more group activities that are going to occur. Thank you again.
M. H.

I just wanted to thank you both for a wonderfully inspiring weekend. To be able to share your gifts with us is truly exceptional and I for one am very grateful. Meeting so many new friends was also fantastic. Acceptance and love prevailed throughout the weekend.
N. R.

I just had to write to you both to congratulate you on your course on Healing last weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and found the whole atmosphere and experience to be very rewarding.  I'm still reliving it and have to come off my cloud. 
J. E.

'Thanks for an enriching enabling, healing and interesting weekend. I practiced on a cutting with very tiny leaf buds.  They grew within seconds by several millimeters. I was amazed and feel quite humble as well as empowered with love.
J. J.

"I must give my thanks for the weekend though words are inadequate! Satisfaction sounds smug. Contentment sounds complacent, but there is a deep sense of knowing that I answered the call when it came to take another step along the path which I must tread. I hope that all in the weekend feel strengthened by the experience. With love".
M. J.

The 'SANCTUARY OF LIGHT' was the most intense part of the weekend. It was like a  huge gift had been offered to me. Feeling connected with a wonderful energy that I was carrying within me and that needs to express itself. Rather like I was connected with a potential, a power, a strength within myself that I had never explored before. I was fully aware by the end of the session that the experience was a blessing and I was greatly thankful for it.
P. C.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful weekend - I really enjoyed the whole experience. You were both so interesting, inspiring and loving and gave so much to us all. I hope I will be able to come to the next one.
C. H.

The atmosphere was full of love; everyone was very kind, friendly and loving and the expressions on their faces told it all!  Thank you again.
J. D.

The workshop was very special. The teachings and demonstrations of spiritual healing were so enlightening. The most important point for me in a weekend full of important points was the 'SANCTUARY OF LIGHT'. I feel those moments are still continuing with me. Within a few days I found a new sense of awareness. It was as if I had entered a new dimension. I feel I am in a place I have never been before, but I just know now that my journey is being guided and directed in some special way. Words are so inadequate to express something so infinite and precious - in those few moments something ignited within me. I shall always be grateful for you being a channel, in enabling me to find my path.
A. M.

I have started doing healing on one friend and its been really good for him and me. I felt great after the weekend with you.  I was surprised how grounded  I felt. I started clearing out my house on the Monday, getting rid of all those energetic cobwebs.  With love.
M. S.

The whole weekend was most enjoyable, enlightening and great fun. I met some wonderful people and it was a pleasure to be in an environment which did not make you feel stupid to be honest and open with your feelings - Looking forward to part two. 
C. D.

Thank you both very much for a wonderful weekend you made it very special for me.' I felt personally it was the right time and place. The ‘SANCTUARY OF LIGHT' and meditation was an experience in its self.  
I. L.

A big thank you for the very successful weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed. I felt the second day really opened up something for me. Thanks for inviting me to join your enthusiastically and well presented workshop.
G. S.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend. It was inspiring, fun and filled with love and compassion.
J. B.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. We very much enjoyed our time spent with you and your strong healing energy surrounding us.
M. B.

By the end of the first day, I felt a strong sense of calm and purpose which has stayed with me.The 'SANCTUARY OF LIGHT' was one of the most powerful experiences that I have encountered. The other major experience that weekend was that I became aware of people's auras for the first time. This has had a profound effect on me and at long last, I feel my purpose is starting to unfold and is within reach. Many thanks.
L . T.

It was a magical and fantastic experience. I enjoyed meeting and getting on well with everyone.
B. H.

I found the course full of learning. It was really wonderful and I feel very happy that I was on safe, firm ground.
C. C.