Sanctuary of Light

Five years ago Therese was told by a spiritual source that she could “hold the space” for others and be used as a high vibrational energy channel, linking their higher minds to a space where greater spiritual  awareness and healing could take place. 

Therese was also advised that she and her husband should include this spiritual connection within their workshops. Guidance was given detailing the way this spiritual procedure should take place.  Over time, more confirmation came to light showing Therese had performed this function during an Egyptian life 2,000 years ago and an aspect of her life today, is to reconnect to that energy and offer others the opportunity to experience this connection to higher levels of spiritual awareness.


Students Experiences

Within a minute of making a connection people experience various images, feelings or answers to questions. 

Occasionally the experience will happen at a later time.

One common occurance is the changing of Therese’s eyes from grey-green to a very deep, sometimes brilliant blue. it seems that although rare, blue eyes and dark hair can be a feature within the population of Egypt and the middle east.

Students have seen Therese’s face change to show the features of a loved one who has passed on from the physical world which has brought great comfort.

Sometimes a guide face will be seen and very occasionally that of a high spiritual being – seeing a beautiful coloured aura or brilliant light has also been  experienced  others have seen meaningful  images in  their  mind’s eye.

Feelings of peace, love or joy can be felt or tingling sensations similar to receiving healing. Sometimes an emotional release or an awareness of some internal awakening comes to the surface – a heightened connection with nature has been experienced by some people – and for others a question answered.

Experiences can differ each time a connection is made within

The Sanctuary of Light