About Angels

Angels are indeed a reality. Their work involves helping mankind to evolve. by tuning in to their very special energies, our own vibrations are quickened, enabling our own inner lights to shine ever more brightly.

“Angels form part of heaven and are in the angelic realms. Their future is linked to the future of mankind. They come in service to uplift to teach, to guide, to impart knowledge at a high level; imparting their glory to others and the earth. They share all they have and have a great bond with mankind” (Above is part of a channelled message received by Therese)

In the year 2000, Therese awoke one December morning as dawn was breaking to see a beautiful’ Angel standing in her bedroom. His wings were magnificent although she was surprised to see he had two pairs of feathered wings. Therese asked the Angel his name and was told ‘Raphael’. Knowing very little about Angels at that time she was not aware of the significance of who this Angel was. The Angel then gave Therese a personal message part of which concerned her mission to help people progress to a higher spiritual level in this lifetime. Therese was partly dismissive of her vision thinking it may be her imagination playing tricks.
The next day a client came for a healing session and hearing Therese’s story told her he had something to show her next time he visited. When he arrived two weeks later, he showed her a book depicting the poet William Blake. The book described Blake as a great visionary and showed various drawings the poet had drawn of Angels. Therese was amazed to see that every Angel was drawn with one pair of wings except for one angel who ‘had two pairs.
“The Archangel Raphael” the overseeing Angel of healing.
Therese was later told by three mediums on separate occasions that her work also involved working with Angels ~ Channelled messages followed and at Christmas 2003 Therese and Fred ran their first Angel workshop. It was a great success and the couple saw the great thirst and need people had to connect to Angel Energy.


“Thank you both for a wonderful Angel Workshop.  My heart has been singing ever since”. S.R.

“Thank you so much for yesterday, you are my earthly Angels.  Yesterday was very special to me and has already made a big difference. Once again the timing  was  sent  from  heaven  and  was  just  what  I  needed   to   help    me  on  my  journey”.   J.P.

“Thank you once again for such a lovely workshop last Sunday.  I am concinced that the Angel I have recently been connecting to is Chamuel, especially as the colour of the Angel I met in my meditation was a pink, mauve colour and the fact that when I asked the Angels name it said “call me love”  The confirmation I have had again and again is that my purpose here is to simply love. I suspect that this is the purpose of us all”.  L.F.