About Healing

We are living in exciting times whereby many are feeling a connection with their higher selves, their souls and  consciousness,  driving them to express and develop their spiritual and psychic potential.  The longing to connect with  a higher  source  within  is  being  expressed through the  gift  of  healing. Everyone has healing potential.


Healing is a form of Energy

Healers receive and transmit a spiritual or universal life energy. Acting as a conduit, this energy flows into the healer’s energy field and then ususally, via the healer’s hands, into the spiritual or energy body of the human or animal receiving the healing. The physical tissues and cells including the immune system and ‘mind’ are stimulated into positive action reproducing a healthy state of body, mind and spirit. A similar example could be that of a car with a flat or ‘leaky’ battery. When the battery is recharged then everything in the car works more efficiently!


Healers work independently of Belief

Having a belief or ‘faith’ in spiritual healing is not necessary to bring about a betterment in a condition, as many effective healings on babies, children and animals have shown. This is also true in the case of some absent or distant healings where recipients unaware of healing taking place have found their condition greatly improved. Those of a ‘sceptical’ nature have also benefited, however, having an open mind is helpful.


Healing is Very Safe

Spiritual healing has been practised for thousands of years and is mentioned in the writings of Pythagoras, Hippocrates and Plato. There are no adverse side effects by receiving spiritual healing, in fact throughout its long history, there has apparently never been a case of anyone being injured or dying from receiving spiritual healing. In effect what is does, is  to  positively  ‘kick  start’  or  speed  up  the  body’s  own natural healing mechanism.


Preventative Healing  

Many people have found regular ‘top- up’ healings to be most beneficial. It is well known that stress can place an intolerable burden upon the system resulting at times in a breakdown in the weakest part of the body, usually genetically determined. The positive effect of healing on the mind and body including the immune system, helps to maintain good health. Just like taking your car to the garage for a service to help keep it in good condition!